Testimonials for Neil

Testimonials for Neil's work blew my mind Attending Neil Christey’s Soundbath in October 2023 was my first experience of any holistic treatments. I attended with an open mind, but really had no expectations of what could happen The ensuing 90 minutes blew my mind. As I lay on the mat, my mind went into a... Continue reading


Hypnotherapy Success Kelly Thaw Gosforth My first experience of the deep healing that Neil is able to ignite within me was during a sound healing session with him. He emanates an angelic, deep, loving energy which connected to me in a gentle, unobtrusive way. It is his deep level of connection and understanding of me... Continue reading

The Holistic College

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of The Holistic College Community Interest Company, a Social Enterprise passionately dedicated to raising awareness about holistic well-being in the UK. Our mission is not just a statement; it's a commitment to fostering a community where holistic well-being is not just a concept but a way of... Continue reading

Inner Child Healing : The Homecoming

Unlocking Inner Child Healing: Embrace Your Past, Transform Your Future Introduction: Discover the incredible power of inner child healing and embark on a transformative journey to heal the wounds of your past. Join our upcoming online workshops on December 12th and 19th to explore the profound effects of childhood experiences and reclaim your emotional well-being.... Continue reading

Embark on Your Inner Child Healing Journey with Hypnotherapy and Neil Christey

Inner Child Healing with Hypnotherapy

Embark on Your Inner Child Healing Journey with Hypnotherapy and Neil Christey Are you ready to explore the depths of your inner self, heal past wounds, and nurture your inner child? Join us on Tuesday, 7th November, for an insightful introduction session with Neil Christey, a seasoned and trauma-informed therapist who specialises in inner child... Continue reading

Magical Child Day Retreat - What is this all about?

Magical Child Day Retreat

🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 Discover the power of creativity and Hypnotherapy in unlocking your freedom and expanding your spiritual awareness! 🌈 Join us on this enlightening journey as Jill and I dive deep into this transformative topic in our latest blog video, Magical Child Day Retreat - What is this all about? 📽️ 🌿 But...