My Healing Journey: From Darkness to Light

My Healing Journey: From Darkness to Light

Neil Smiling
Neil Smiling

My Healing Journey: From Darkness to Light

My Healing Journey: From Darkness to Light

As I sit here reflecting on my journey of healing, I am reminded of the moment it all began. It was a cold Christmas night in London, and I had just moved into a new flat, desperately seeking solace and connection to my soul. I lay on the bed surrounded by Christmas decorations, feeling lost and disconnected from myself. That's when I stumbled upon a YouTube video titled "Open Your Third Eye Meditation."

With a sense of curiosity and a touch of skepticism, I decided to give it a try. Little did I know that this simple decision would set me on a profound and transformative path of healing. As I closed my eyes and listened to the meditation, I embarked on a journey unlike any other.

The meditation took me deep within myself, into what I would later learn was non-ordinary reality. It was a shamanic journey, an astral travel of sorts. I found myself surrounded by vivid images and sensations, but one moment stood out above all else. I was among the stars, accompanied by a mysterious lady in a blue veil. She uttered words that I couldn't fully grasp at the time, "Aum Aprajitaya namah, he can come in now," as she waved her hand through the endless night sky.

This experience left me in awe and wonder. Could this be real, or was it just a product of my intoxicated imagination? Doubt lingered in my mind until the following day when fate intervened. On my way to work, I passed a phone box with a poster that read, "Let's Meditate: Come to this Free Meditation Session." My curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to attend.

The session was a revelation. I discovered the power of live music, mantras, and meditation. The band Ananda played soothing melodies on a harmonium, and we chanted mantras together. The highlight was when we chanted the same mantra that had come to me in my dreamlike meditation experience: "Aum aprajitaya namah." It was a surreal moment, leaving me convinced that I was on the right path.

I continued attending meditation classes with the Shri Chinmoy Centre in London, embracing their rules of no alcohol, no sex, and no meat. These classes became my sanctuary, a place of safety and spiritual growth. I relinquished my old habits and embraced this new way of life, finding that the inner peace and connection I sought were worth more than anything I had left behind.

But my journey was far from smooth. I had been in a toxic and abusive relationship for five years before finding this newfound safety. The relationship had been marked by physical and emotional abuse, as well as a co-dependency on alcohol and substances. My need for safety and a roof over my head had kept me trapped in that dark place. Yet, my belief in the power of love, even in the darkest of times, sustained me.

Three years into my meditation journey, a repressed trauma surfaced during a morning meditation. Flashbacks of sexual abuse and painful memories flooded my consciousness. It was a shock to confront these deeply buried wounds, but I was now in a safe space, both physically and emotionally, to address them.

I chose to pursue justice through the criminal justice system, but the process was grueling and emotionally taxing. Four years of waiting and retelling my painful experiences took a toll on me. I questioned what justice meant to me, realizing that it wasn't solely about legal proceedings but about shedding light on the truth and preventing further harm.

Eventually, I chose to drop the criminal case and focus on my own healing and personal growth. A Course in Miracles, a powerful spiritual text, guided me through forgiveness and releasing the past. I learned that justice could also mean letting go of the need for vengeance and finding peace within myself.

Leaving the meditation center to explore relationships and pursue a more authentic life, I discovered the healing power of sound. Sound had no words, no judgment. It allowed me to express myself fully and authentically. I immersed myself in sound healing and shamanic practices, embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery.

I studied shamanic traditions, delving into the realms of non-ordinary reality and connecting with various aspects of myself. The medicine wheel provided a map for exploring different stages of life and emotions, helping me understand my past and present. I learned to honor my inner child and embrace authenticity.

My path led me to clinical hypnotherapy, where I gained insight into my experiences from a clinical perspective. I found answers and reasons that connected my past with my present. Armed with newfound skills and understanding, I began sharing my journey with others, helping them heal and reclaim their lives.

And now, as I stand on the precipice of marriage to a loving and supportive partner, I am filled with gratitude for the journey I've traveled. I've expanded my life in ways I never thought possible, and I continue to grow and evolve.

My healing journey is ongoing, a perpetual exploration of self-discovery, authenticity, and love. It's a journey from darkness to light, from fear to courage, and from pain to healing. And I am grateful for every step of it.

You can watch me speaking about my story in the video here.

Unlocking Healing through Hypnotherapy: Your Path to Recovery

**Key Events in My Story:**

**Trauma and Abuse:** My journey began with a history of trauma and abuse, which left deep emotional scars and hindered my personal growth.

**Spiritual Awakening:** I discovered the power of meditation and spiritual practices, leading to profound experiences and a reconnection with my inner self.

**Addiction and Coping Mechanisms:** I had previously used substances and alcohol as coping mechanisms to numb the pain and escape from my traumatic experiences.

**Meditation and Sobriety:** Through meditation and spiritual practices, I found a new path that led me to sobriety and a healthier way of coping with life's challenges.

**Repressed Trauma:** Three years into my meditation journey, repressed trauma resurfaced during a meditation session, bringing back painful memories and flashbacks.

**Seeking Justice:** I initially pursued justice through the criminal justice system, but the process was emotionally draining, and I sought alternative ways to heal.

**Sound Healing and Shamanic Practices:** Exploring sound healing and shamanic practices, I delved into non-ordinary reality, connecting with various aspects of myself and healing old wounds.

**Clinical Hypnotherapy:** I furthered my healing journey with clinical hypnotherapy, gaining insight and understanding of my experiences from a clinical perspective.

**Self-Discovery and Integration:** Through these various modalities, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, authenticity, and the integration of past trauma, ultimately leading to personal growth and transformation.

**How Hypnotherapy Can Help:**

**PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder):** Hypnotherapy can be a highly effective tool for addressing and processing traumatic experiences. By guiding clients into a relaxed state of hypnosis, we can access the subconscious mind to reframe traumatic memories, reduce anxiety, and alleviate the symptoms of PTSD.

**Addiction:** For those struggling with addiction, hypnotherapy offers a unique approach to addressing the root causes of addictive behaviors. We can work together to uncover and heal the underlying emotional wounds that drive addiction, replacing destructive patterns with healthier coping strategies.

**Anxiety:** Hypnotherapy is an excellent resource for managing anxiety. By accessing the subconscious mind, we can identify and reprogram negative thought patterns, reduce stress, and develop relaxation techniques that provide lasting relief from anxiety.

**Self-Discovery:** Hypnotherapy can aid in the journey of self-discovery by helping clients access their inner wisdom and uncover their true selves. It provides a safe space for exploration, helping individuals break free from limiting beliefs and embrace their authentic identity.

**Integration of Trauma:** Hypnotherapy assists in the integration of trauma by facilitating a gentle and supportive environment for processing and healing. It enables clients to safely revisit and release repressed emotions, fostering emotional resilience and well-being.

My personal experience and training in clinical hypnotherapy have equipped me with the tools and knowledge to guide clients through their unique healing journeys. I understand the complexity of trauma, addiction, anxiety, and the quest for self-discovery, and I am committed to helping individuals find their own path to recovery and personal growth. Together, we can embark on a healing journey that leads to empowerment, resilience, and a brighter future.

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