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blew my mind

Attending Neil Christey’s Soundbath in October 2023 was my first experience of any holistic treatments.
I attended with an open mind, but really had no expectations of what could happen
The ensuing 90 minutes blew my mind.
As I lay on the mat, my mind went into a kaleidoscope of colours, and my body felt so relaxed.
At the end, when I went to stand-up, I could not believe how much easier I managed to do so and realised I didn’t have any pain in my knees.

Tears, bellowing and belly laughs Wooler

He uses his knowledge of my history, lifestyle and interests to create artful sessions that are, not only cathartic, but can actually be fun. The releases of my trauma can come in the form of tears, bellowing and belly laughs. During one hypnotherapy session he used another tool in his box to help me release some of my trauma by leading me to reconciliation and forgiveness.

Whole heartedly, recommend Neil Gosforth

have had 3 sessions which have all left me much “lighter” and able to cope with current situations in a much more positive and constructive manner. I have had hypnotherapy from another practitioner before and I can honestly say that Neil’s sessions are next level. I, whole heartedly, recommend Neil as a hypnotherapist and I am incredibly grateful to him.