The Holistic Print Shop

Hello everybody,

All the merch and holistic designs will be live on their own website in July:

On our online store, where spirituality meets craftsmanship! Explore our collection of handcrafted items including shirts, sweatshirts, cups, tote bags, and hoodies, all infused with spirit and humour. Our products feature sacred geometry, spiritual quotes, mandala, esoteric and uplifting designs that are sure to make you smile and raise your vibration. Plus, personalise your purchase by choosing the color of the shirt and the design to suit your unique style. Shop now and add a touch of laughter to your wardrobe!

We are also available to be present at your event for a print and press on demand stall.

We also want to offer to other Holistic therapists the possibilitie to sell their merch directly on our website without managing a shop website process. Send us a mail to have more information. Our first offer is completely free. It is a win win offer we sell and make for you, We and you win money.

For any inquieres send us a message to

The Holistic Print shop Website will be live very soon with new Design and new prices

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T Shirts £12.99

Sweatshirts £25

Tote Bags £8

Mugs from £8

Vanity Bags £8

Cushion from £10