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Enhanced Sleep Quality,
Harmonise your Home life,
Confidence and self esteem,
Easy Slim,
Inner Child Healing and more.

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Hypnotherapy Success

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Kelly Thaw Gosforth

My first experience of the deep healing that Neil is able to ignite within me was during a sound healing session with him. He emanates an angelic, deep, loving energy which connected to me in a gentle, unobtrusive way. It is his deep level of connection and understanding of me 'as a whole' that led me to ask him to use his skills, as a hypnotherapist, to help me deal with complex historical traumas that are affecting my present.

Letting go Gosforth

I recently attended a hypnotherapy session with Neil. From the first message I sent him, he was professional and responded quickly. Hypnotherapy is not something I’ve ever successfully had, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I chose to do it as I’d been draw to if for some time now. From the beginning, Neil made me feel at ease. Throughout the session I felt calm and relaxed. He guided me through everything and I came away feeling at peace. I gained insight into letting go of some core things from my past that may have been affecting me and overall found some answers to a couple questions I almost didn’t know I had.
Overall I’ve found Neil to be a calming soul with the ability to pass on healing to his clients through various methods. I’d highly recommend him.

Very Grateful Gosforth

Neil is a superb listener. However, his “reading” of my past and current needs is incredibly intuitive and goes way beyond what I actually tell him. Using his experience of other healing modalities, such as Inner Child work, he is quickly able to assess where current issues are arising from by listening to the “child voice” that I am using to explain situations.

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Neil Christey provides a holistic health consultancy that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. Discover true freedom, health, and happiness, resolve and integrate conflicts and challenges and enhance the quality of your life.

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